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Shipping and Returns

Given below is our shipping policy. Kindly read it carefully and in case of any queries please e-mail us on for further clarifications.
A shipping charge of Rs. 50 is leviable on all items upto Rs. 500 at Orders above Rs. 500 will be despatched at our cost. There is no minimum order value at on any of our categories.
At, you can order books where the shipping period is between 2 and 12 days for India and our services are available only within India. Orders once placed cannot be cancelled since they are specifically packed and despatched.
Sometimes it is possible that the Books ordered by you may go out of stock or out of print. In that case your money will be refunded by Accounts Payee Cheque within 7 days at you bill to Address.

Shipment of items against an order is subject to availability and is at the sole discretion of
The Shipping Address is the address where you wish to receive your consignment. It could be your home or office or any other valid address. You must submit your shipping address correctly to ensure the book reaches you promptly.
Once you place an order, your shipping address automatically gets uploaded in our records, so you don’t need to enter the address next time you place an order. This is the Preferred Shipping Address.
Once an order and its payment are fully processed, we start packing items for shipping. This is done with special care, so that they reach you in perfect condition. Our courier delivers these items at the Shipping Address submitted by you while filling up the online order form.
Shipping time is the time taken to deliver an order at a shipping address, after the order has been shipped out. The time period would depend on where the customer stays and on the Shipping Method selected by you while filling up the online order form.

We don't accept any returns unless they are from a third party seller for eg.

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